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The vans are moving again to Greece and Islands July 2020





The Alps  Removals and Relocation Door-to-Door from the UK. Removal back to the UK from Austria and all Alpine Regions

The Alps is a vast mountain range, crossing many countries. The French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss Alps, Germany and Liechtenstein. From Cote d Azur to Vienna, The Alps stretch a long way.

For Antique, Flat Pack Furniture deliveries, personal goods or a full removal. If your looking for a delivery on a dedicated vehicle with a door-to-door service from the UK to the Alps, you need PMS Logistics.

Vehicles always returning to the UK through The Austrian Alps throughout 2019

Take Advantage with HALF PRICE loads back to the UK!

No fuss, friendly, caring removal and relocation with PMS Logistics.

The Alps

The Alps stretches all the way down from the Cote d Azur at Nice and Monaco all the way up to Vienna in Austria. Stunning scenery, quaint valleys, Ski resorts etc, The Alps has it all. With so many countries and cultures with borders on this Mountainous Range.

Moving to The Alps

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